3 Reasons Young Savers Should Start Investing Today

As the old idiom says, to win you have to participate. That’s certainly true of investments. But with his 2022 losses, which he hasn’t experienced since the Great Recession of 2008, and the looming threat of a recession, it’s easy to see why he’s reluctant to enter the market today. .

However, for long-term investors, ignoring macrophobia and negative returns offers an opportunity to buy cheaply. Or cheap anyway.

Market fear and last year’s results may have disappointed many young investors. A Morning Consult survey found that 49% of those in the 18-25 age range (Generation Z) own at least one of his investment products, down from about 60% the year before. Even more shocking, the percentage of people who own an investment product between the ages of 26 and her 41 (millennials) has dropped from 70% for him in 2021 to 57% for him.

A window seems to have opened for those simply looking for an opportunity to get started. With the price/earnings ratio (P/E) down from its recent highs and now he’s hovering around 19.7, it’s a cheaper entry point for new investors. The cuts could be a big blow for those just retiring, but they would be a great place for those with long-term aspirations.

It also provides an opportunity for young investors to understand the value of buying today regardless of tomorrow’s market dynamics.

Cheaper than what?

P/E may not be the best tool for evaluating investments that span decades. Trailing P/E weights the stock price to earnings, or the performance of the company. For forward P/E, we’re evaluating the stock against next year’s earnings. Neither assessing market returns 30 years from now nor the estimated 30-year P/E provide a reliable measure.

Over the past 40 years, the S&P 500 has averaged a P/E of 21.9. This indicates that the market is currently cheaper than its historical average. However, the P/E average from 1971 to today has fallen to 19.4. This shows that today’s market is close to average when using such marks.

The same battle is fought when compared to recent figures. PER looks cheap compared to where he was close to 40 in December 2020, but if you look at December 2018, his PER was below 19 at the time, so the numbers look higher. increase.

Looking for the perfect time to dive in will take two steps, one foot in and one foot out, based on this measure. We provide support to land cheap spots to buy.

increase investment

Buying more now when asset values ​​fall creates a real opportunity to significantly increase your savings if stocks rise in the future. We ended up buying a lot of assets and the market is already recovering.

This is a simple calculation and highlights the value of dollar cost averaging. Basically, when stocks are low, you can win more stocks than when stocks are high if you invest a certain amount each month. When he invests $500 in a market index fund that costs $250 per share, he gets two shares. If it goes up to $350, you get about 1.4 shares. Again, simple math.

This gives those looking to start their investment journey a potential opportunity to start when money is a little more advanced. However, we have made the stock cheaper in the short term.

Market analysts are not fortune tellers

Another reason to buy now?

Many economists are predicting a recession next year, but the depth of the recession we will experience is not yet known. Nor do we know how such a setback would affect market returns. Some expect the market to do poorly this year, while others expect it to end positively.

However, as someone who plans to invest for the next 30 or 40 years, if there is a pullback, it means you will invest more if you keep buying stocks while others are selling. Instead, the U.S. economy is likely to continue growing over the next few decades, even if markets show resilience. This shows that even if the market looks expensive today, the investment may still be cheap in the long run.

Instead of worrying about the right time to dive in, remember that the right time is usually now.

And with the market slightly cheaper than we’ve seen recently, is there a better time to start?

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