$60M investment to breathe new life into Nylon Capital Shopping Center in Seaford

Seaford, Delaware – It’s a new day for Seaford. Breathe new life into a mostly empty shopping center.

shopping center in decline

Today, Nylon Capital Shopping Center has only a handful of tenants. Seaford Mayor David Genshaw says it was a busier, different scene a few years ago. “Forty years ago, when I was a senior in high school, the site would have been packed on a day like today before Christmas,” he said at a news conference Tuesday.

As the shopping center was thriving, the community was thriving, said Genshaw. DuPont’s nylon factory was just 800 m (0.5 mile) away, and the Seaford school district and housing prices were skyrocketing. Mayor Guenshaw says that has changed over the years.

“When crack cocaine came to our town in the 1980s, we experienced something different. increase.

The crack cocaine epidemic has killed jobs at the DuPont factory, Mayor Genshaw says business has picked up and started moving east of town. But in Tuesday’s announcement, the mayor says that’s all changing.

“We are in the beginning stages of something incredible, and it would be hard to imagine just standing here today,” said Mayor Genshaw.

regeneration plan

This is where developer Rob Herrera comes in. He is a partner at his 9th Street Development Company and will lead this task.

“Humans like spaces made for humans, not for cars. I think shopping centers across America are going through tough times and need to be relocated.” It’s grown tremendously and I hope to be on the edge of it.”

The site’s revitalization plan will completely transform the nearly empty complex, says Herrera. He says that once the work is complete, $60 million will be invested in making the shopping center a destination in Sussex County once again.Herrera also plans to anchor his co-working space, The Mill. I promised to be his tenant.

“There is a healthcare component, an education component, and we can speak for The Mill. We are absolutely committed to the site and building a coworking space like no other,” Herrera said. I will.” “Anchor He thinks Zamil as a tenant is the kind of thing that needs a lot of different small businesses.

The developer also told 47 ABC that Dell Tech Community College has already secured 15,000 to 20,000 square feet at the center. The school is expected to start a workforce training program there, Herrera said.

Herrera says the work doesn’t just focus on the building itself. “The site could use some trees, some landscaping, and some boardwalks. With 22 acres of land, I think doing something like that is a smart investment to ensure long-term growth,” he said.

start work

Physical work on site has not yet begun. But Herrera said the complex will look very different once it’s finished.

“We’ve just started assessing the condition of the property. But we want to build a new walkable community, so the site will definitely be demolished,” Herrera said. It has a lifespan of 60 years, and we want to build a more human-centered development for the long term, which requires dismantling.”

For existing tenants, Herrera says his team is also working closely with them.

“I think there will be some confusion. But I have notified all the tenants that I am here. We’ll go from there,’ said Herrera.

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