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Our assets are just a fraction of those managed by some large investment firms. But we studied how the best of these partnerships worked and put systems like theirs in place. There, if you do something worthwhile, you can climb the ladder. So far, these institutionalization measures have worked well. Thanks to them, we have grown from a purely Greater China focus when we started the company to a global business today with operations in the highly diversified Asia Pacific region. I was able to

Our first phase (now called Gaw 1.0) was primarily focused on trading single assets. With Gaw 2.0, we’ve moved on to investing in thematic platforms that started about a decade ago. First, we developed retail outlet malls and entertainment complexes with European partners, then added logistics developments, internet and data centers, hospitality, and other commercial real estate related developments. .

These schemes laid the foundation for Gaw 3.0. Taking our thematic platform building a step further, we launched a business that combines the real estate sector with another business that owns and operates revenue-generating businesses within the industry (so-called “Operating Company/Real Estate Company”). (opco/propco)” deals.

In 2021, Gaw Capital will launch the Gaw Growth Equity Fund, the first mixed growth equity fund targeted at investing in high-growth, highly scalable, primary asset proptech (property technology) and real estate management companies Completed the final closing of I. centered in Asia. We have embraced investment in gadget technology not only by deploying capital, but by providing deep management and global presence expertise to help these real estate technology companies grow and thrive. I was.

This paves the way for us to develop and operate businesses such as renewable energy storage battery facilities, supplement our real estate expertise with our proptech business, and expand into new economy real estate investment, management and marketing platforms. I’m here.

We have gone through many changes over the years. As we discovered more and more real estate opportunities, we started by looking for investors for each property. We are currently always looking for ways to assemble a collection of assets that can be expanded even further as new investors join.

Of course, if we see an opportunity for a single asset, we want to take it, but we spend more senior management time on how to build these thematic platforms. This is due to its huge scalability potential. This approach seems to work. Institutionalizing the business allowed him to grow assets under management to $12 billion five years earlier. Since then, the steps we’ve taken have put that total above his $34 billion.

looking ahead

The challenge today is to maintain and expand our position in what is certain to be a tougher business environment in the years to come.

In our home, Hong Kong, we are optimists. After surviving difficult times in the past, including the 1967 riots and waves of immigration in the late 1980s before the 1997 handover, investors today are concerned about the direction China is taking.

However, China is likely to continue to maintain a separate position from Hong Kong under the “one country, two systems” principle. From everything we’ve heard, Hong Kong will maintain its status as China’s main window to the rest of the world through 2047 and beyond.

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