Altair Leads Seed Funding for Xscape Photonics with $10 Million Investment

Troy, Michigan, December 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR), a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), $10 million Xscape Photonics is a start-up that has developed patented photonic chip technology for ultra-high bandwidth connectivity within data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

Historically, computing has relied on traditional electronic approaches to move vast amounts of data from chip to chip, which requires considerable space and power, especially in data science and AI. As HPC applications scale exponentially, they generate considerable heat leading to performance challenges. By applying innovative photonics technologies, Xscape has developed a platform that connects various computing elements in an environmentally sustainable way while providing the best possible performance. This new approach uses photonics to significantly reduce power consumption and heat generation, while increasing the speed and power of communications. All of this supports a huge increase in the amount of data transferred between chips, between nodes, etc.

“With this investment and collaboration with the world’s best innovator in photonics, we are confident that as we look to the next generation of hardware, we will be able to develop such high-fidelity technologies that will help our customers solve their problems more efficiently. You can stay on the cutting edge of advanced technology with a degree,” said James R. Scapa, Founder and CEO, Altair. “In line with Altair’s history of embracing high performance computing and linking our software innovations to advances in HPC hardware, it is important to understand how our software can integrate with such technologies in the future. With this, we can continue to push the boundaries of technology and help our customers, accelerating the pace of innovation.”

The potential of photonics is significant as high-speed data transfer is also relevant for software that facilitates simulation, HPC, AI, and machine learning. The future requires more simulation and computing power to enable better analytics, more sustainable productivity, lower costs, better products and faster time to market. will be Moving to photonics adoption will enable organizations in all sectors, including hardware, software and product development companies, to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Led by Xscape Photonics Columbia University Photonics professors and world-leading researchers, including:

  • Alexander Gaeta – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder; David M. Rickey Professor of Applied Physics Columbia University World leader in nonlinear photonics
  • Kellen Bergman – co-founder; professor of Columbia Universityand the world leader in photonic architectures for computing
  • Michal Lipson – co-founder; professor of Columbia UniversityWorld Leader in Silicon Photonics, MacArthur Fellow
  • Vivek RaghunathanMore – Co-Founder; Senior Principal Engineer, Product Architecture, Silicon Photonics Founding Team at Broadcom.Intel’s first led his SiPh product ramp
  • Yoshi Okawachi – co-founder; researcher Columbia University World leader in optical frequency comb technology

“We are proud to reinvent the future of computing by developing the most energy-efficient, high-bandwidth, high-performance photonics technology that can scale sustainably while meeting future demands. “Our investment and relationship with Altair allows us to push the boundaries of our platform and integrate it with the world’s best simulation, HPC and AI software to help our customers across all industries take their innovation to new heights.” can.”

As part of the investment, Scapa will join the board of directors of Xscape Photonics and Altair will also join the board of observers.

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