An investment at your law firm you shouldn’t neglect: your people

Investing is easy. You put money into acquiring something that you hope will generate income or add value over time.

For example, let’s say you buy a house. A homebuyer may put a lot of money into a purchase, such as repainting, installing new appliances, or adding a patio, in hopes of increasing its market value. The more you improve your home, the more likely you are to get a solid return on your initial investment.

The same philosophy applies to your law firm. Only here is the core investment in your staff.

These are the people who run your company. The more you invest in them, the more profit you will get. This “return” can come in the form of increased sales and revenue. It can lead to increased productivity, inspirational brainstorming sessions, and a broader, more profitable customer base. Your law firm may be considered the best place to work. attract top talentThe dividends for investing in employees are plentiful.

one way to improve staff conditions Investing in best-in-class technology is necessary to increase enterprise sophistication. You can spend less time on tedious tasks and be more efficient at your job. Freeing up staff from unrewarding tasks frees up more time for higher goals, such as improving client relationships.

Investing in technology: transforming legal operations

Law firms are empowering their employees by investing in new legal technology, especially software that employs artificial intelligence (AI) processes. One of the main benefits is that it greatly reduces the amount of “tedious work” that lawyers and clerks have had to do for decades.

With AI technology, clerks and employees no longer need to spend time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as manually classifying documents for due diligence. Having the latest technology at the fingertips of the firm makes the job of junior lawyers more rewarding. Their productivity can skyrocket. They can dedicate more time to adding value to client relationships in hopes of making a partner. They are more likely to stay with your company longer.

Technology assists lawyers in a wide range of tasks, including:

task management. Reduce employee boredom and workload by automating tasks such as reconciling client accounts, scheduling and running meetings, reviewing expenses, and ancillary purchases (from office supplies to new computers). Errors are also likely to be significantly reduced.

document management. Lawyers spend a lot of time analyzing and organizing documents. In particular, due diligence can be not only cumbersome, but also frustrating. Due to deadlines, lawyers may have to cut corners on document review. AI processes fundamentally change this. Scan and systemize your documents in minutes. Attorneys can create multiple, detailed summaries of large volumes of documents in less time than before.

greater value for clients

Providing law firms with cutting-edge technology benefits clients, too. Staff employ faster, more secure communications and provide greater transparency. Processes that previously required contacting multiple departments and weeks of emails are now handled in a much more streamlined fashion.

for example, Client management The software gives attorneys access to a centralized, well-organized database of information about each client, from contact information to the client’s history with the firm. Such software allows lawyers to keep track of impending deadlines. They can know when the client last contacted them, what was discussed, and what the client’s next goals are – essential information for maintaining a strong relationship with the client. .

a good partner project management software. Lawyers can use this technology to manage individual client accounts for specific tasks, or to handle multiple clients in complex cases involving various parties. This is where greater transparency comes into play. Clients can log on and check the project status. They see which attorneys are assigned to each task, the estimated time it will take to complete various duties, and how the project is progressing overall.

Invest in law firms with HighQ

Using an LPM (Legal Project Management) software like HighQ will increase the efficiency of both client management and project management, resulting in higher income levels for your clients. HighQ combines automated workflows, document automation, and secure collaboration to reduce the time your employees spend on non-billable tasks and increase your company’s bottom line.

The increased ability to easily share information both within the firm and with clients is amazing. Jackson Lewis PC Client as Mark Salamon, his Director of Innovation for Solutions About HighQ“Share information on iSheets, which is not possible on file-based-only extranet platforms.”

Jackson Lewis’ practice group, which has hundreds of clients, didn’t like the user experience of the previous file-sharing system. That’s why we’ve created templates tailored to your specific needs, including landing pages that display your customers’ key information in an innovative format. The company mandated that its attorneys and professional staff allow it to add clients and fine-tune features. Your IT team doesn’t have to do them. In just a few months, 200 client sites have been set up completely “self-service” from this template by attorneys and staff.

Jackson Lewis also uses HighQ to create sophisticated client sites that function more like applications. As clients enter information, actions or workflows are automatically generated. For Jackson Lewis clients, these sites “performed well beyond expectations. Since then, we’ve done a lot more with document automation, including creating a solution for generating a large number of contracts.” I’ve been here,’ he says Salamon.

Employee Productivity Rewards

Investing in such technology also enables your company’s employees to work more efficiently, leading to more results. solid work life balance.

At the end of the day, lawyers who don’t spend their weekends working on thousands of documents for client mergers are happier and more productive lawyers. Plus, lawyers with time to dig into HighQ’s findings, looking for favorable patterns and spotting red flags buried in contracts and agreements that could threaten a deal. Even inexperienced attorneys can get a more detailed and nuanced grasp of their client’s business, which they will appreciate.

The end result is an increasingly sophisticated enterprise, has earned a reputation among industry peers and clients as a hub for secure communication, superior transparency and innovation in everything from workflow to project management. Above all, we have a reputation for quality staff who are empowered, freed from unpaid work and add value to the company across the board.

When investing in technology means investing in staff, Payments can be substantial.

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