Benzinga Poll Reveals Top Picks For A $25,000 Long-Term Investment In 2023

After a sour year in the stock market that saw broad markets S&P 500 spy nearly 20% less, and other pandemic darlings Apple AAPLWhen AMZN With a 50% drop, investors expect a sharp rebound in 2023.

What happened: Last year, the S&P fell 19.4%, making it the seventh-worst year for the index, according to FactSet data. Citing records dating back to 1929. Year.

Turning the page back to 2023, the S&P 500 is up 2.31%, while the aforementioned Apple and Amazon stocks are up 8.42% and 9.22%, respectively.

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Benzinga conducted a survey of its followers asking them for their opinions on their best investment options for a hypothetical $25,000 sum that they would have to keep until the end of 2023.

Here’s what they said.

  1. Day trading SPY options
  2. litecoin LTC/USD
  3. mining company
  4. government bonds
  5. apple, once [shares] cut under $110
  6. NVIDIA Corporation NVDA
  7. Tesla Inc. TSLA
  8. High yield savings account, ~3.5%
  9. 4% CD over 12 months
  10. Nio Inc – ADR Nio

Poll results show that some users are hoping for a reversal in crashed tech stocks in 2022, while others are trying to capitalize on the high interest rate environment by piling up money in high-yield accounts. .

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