Biden’s box-check border bop-by, Democracy is a worthy investment and more commentary

Republicans: Biden’s Box Check Border Bop Buy

The Hill’s Joe Concha sneered because Joe Biden’s last border “visit” was “nearly 15 years ago in a motorcade heading to a campaign stop in New Mexico.” From Sunday’s El Paso stop on finding a solution. As a matter of fact, if he had been to “Eagle, Texas. He had gone to Pass or Del Rio, he could be taking this issue seriously, given that they have the highest influx of immigrants.” . Instead, expect it to point to a vague ‘immigration reform plan’ that doesn’t include a border wall, a ‘stay in Mexico’ policy, and an increase in the number of border agents needed to manage the crisis. . Keep Biden’s base away. ‘ Just get ‘what Washington does best: grandstands, blame games, photo ops. After all, we have a presidential election in 667 days. “

Victory over Ukraine: democracy deserves investment

“Ukraine is doing what no one thought was possible,” cheers Politico’s Daniel Twining. In addition to providing weapons and training, “Washington has invested in supporting institutions that allow Ukraine to follow a different path than Russia,” i.e. towards “democracy and independence.” , tackling corruption “instead of fostering bandit politics.” After nearly 70 years under communism, “Ukrainians were unfamiliar with democratic processes and norms.” Now, “Ukraine has a strong governing body, so strong that it continues to function even under the Russian onslaught.” “shows not only the prudence of American investment, but also the credibility of Ukrainian control of American aid.”

Foreign Desk: European Socialist “bribery” – Received

Claims that Qatar could “easily” bribe members of the European Parliament’s socialist group, including Vice President Eva Kairi, in exchange for political support, are “disappointing,” said the Gatestone Institute. Drieu Godefridi sighed. According to The Guardian, the workers who built the World Cup stadium there worked in “slavery-like” conditions, killing 6,500 people. But the accused bribe suddenly began to praise the emirate. MPs are paid about $14,000 a month plus expenses, but are they “financially destitute”? , revealing extreme “pain” over energy supply. “The blackmail is clear.”

From right: Prof. Peterson in “retraining”

“Canadians will think they’ve learned by now not to tell Jordan Peterson what to say,” quipped the Wall Street Journal editor. However, the University of Ontario Psychologists requires Peterson to undergo a remedial education ‘coaching program’ for calling transgender actor Elliott Page by his former name. Such complaints, which Peterson lists “about a dozen” since 2017, are not “not to mitigate harm, but to impede freedom of expression.” However, “professional associations must ensure that their professionals are competent and do not enforce political legitimacy or act as language police outside of office.” , that’s the trend in the Western Medical Association and beyond”—perhaps “It’s a question of identity, ego, and superego. You can ask a psychologist about that.”

Congress Watch: Where’s Katie Porter’s Fury?

“Liberal media darling Katie Porter is having a rough few weeks,” grins Spectator World’s Matthew Foldy. Porter was accused of “firing an employee who allegedly gave her Covid.” Using racist language and fostering a hostile workplace” — “but ‘without an anonymous Instagram account’ the general public would never have heard of this. In fact, some journalists said, “They knew about these horror stories for years, but simply chose to ignore them.” Like Porter, “The problem with media collusion to cover Democrats is that it doesn’t stop.” Thus, “journalists can argue that democracy dies in the dark.” But an anonymous Instagram account, rather than a liberal arts major serving as a cover for the Democratic Party, may be the cure.”

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