Big decisions needed on green growth as UK lags behind rivals – CBI chief

The UK is lagging behind international rivals in green growth, the chief of the Confederation of British Industry warned, urging the government to make “big decisions” to boost the economy.

Tony Dunker urges Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt not to “should hesitate to make a tough decision that could reverse the trajectory of the UK” to reduce investment in the spring budget.

In a speech at University College London on Monday, the CBI Director will say:

“In less than a year, the Prime Minister has made clear what it takes to transform our economy. The ideas are there.

“There’s some quick money on the table, so stop guessing yourself and move on.”

he claims:

“We’re behind them now and hope for the best.

“It’s time to make the tough decisions, creating the forward momentum to not only stave off this year’s recession, but to really grow next year.”

He called on governments to seize opportunities for green growth by reforming the consent process for green infrastructure and using regulation to stimulate domestic demand for green technology, as is being done with electric vehicles. I urge you to

Mr Dunker is the permanent successor to the super tax credit, which ends in April, to prevent the UK from falling from fifth to 30th place in capital spending among the 38 advanced countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). said it needed.

With the labor market hampered by chronic labor force and skills shortages, the CBI wants reforms to the benefits system and childcare support to reduce barriers to returning to work.

Mr Dunker also warns that the Retained EU legislation bill, which says that all retained EU law in the UK will expire at the end of this year, “creates great uncertainty for UK businesses”.

If necessary, disagreements should be wisely handled when governments and businesses are ready to take bold and joint action, he says.

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