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EU instructs TikTok chiefs to respect data privacy laws

The European Union (EU) on Tuesday warned online giant TikTok to respect EU law and ensure the safety of European users’ data, as the CEO of the video-sharing app met with senior officials in Brussels. TiKTok CEO Shou Zi Chew held his first official meeting with the EU Vice President’s girlfriend Margrethe Vestager and her girlfriend Vera Jourova, the EU Home Affairs Commissioner’s girlfriend Ylva Johansson and the Judiciary Commissioner. Didier Lainders said: “We expect TikTok to fully implement its commitments to respect EU law and regain the trust of European regulators. There is no question that they have not been exposed to illegal access from third country authorities. While some staff in China have access to data of European users, Chu told Jourova that the company has Europeans in Europe. It said it was working on a “robust” system for handling data, said Theo Bertram, TikTok’s vice president of public policy. It is already under investigation by regulators. “I argued that it was important for TikTok to fully comply with his GDPR and cooperate with the DPC,” he said. Jourova said TikTok will provide her first report on the matter by the end of January. “Transparency will be a key factor,” she said. We oblige you to act more quickly to remove Another Digital Markets Act (DMA) is the so-called “TikTok and other companies need to urgently prepare to comply with the new EU digital rulebook,” Jourova said, referring to the DSA and her DMA. There is,” he said. TikTok admitted last month that ByteDance staff accessed data in the app to track journalists and try to identify the source of leaks to the media, The com Punny said, adding that the Chinese government has no control or access to it. But Washington has banned the app from federal devices, and some U.S. lawmakers are seeking to ban TikTok from operating in the United States. To allay Washington’s concerns by keeping US users’ data in the United States, Chew said on January 19 that it had met with Thierry Breton, the EU’s chief executive for enforcing digital regulations. I plan to make a video call.raz/js

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