Cathie Wood Loads Up On Tesla Shares For Third Straight Day: Also Makes Over $5M Purchase In This Crypto-Related Stock – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Coinbase Global (NASDAQ:COIN)

As Tesla stock continues to rise for the second day in a row, Cathy Wood-lead Ark Investment Management purchased 22,514 shares of the EV maker at an estimated valuation of over $2.74 million.

Tesla shares closed 8.08% higher on Thursday. The rally follows Wednesday’s rebound. Elon Musk’s Call on employees to ‘don’t let the stock market madness bother you’. In an email sent to employees Wednesday, Musk reportedly said he believes Tesla will be the most valuable company on the planet in the long run.

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Wood has been buying Tesla for the third straight day and has bought more than 65,000 shares in the EV maker this week. Since mid-December, ARK has invested in more than 254,000 Tesla shares, even as the stock market crashed following Musk’s Twitter involvement.

Tesla is the flagship’s third largest holding. Ark Innovation ETF arc It is the fourth largest holding with a weight of 6.26%. ARK autonomous technology. & Robotics ETFs Arkuk According to the latest data available on the company’s website, the weight is 7.21%.

other purchases: ARK also bought over 158,000 shares Coinbase Global Co., Ltd. coin With an estimated valuation of over $5.4 million, Thursday’s stock. purchase is Ark Fintech Innovation ETF arkf.

Coinbase allows users to trade and hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Bitcoin/USD, ethereum Ethereum/USD When dogecoin Doge/US Dollar.

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