Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Starts Selling Shares Of For First Time In 6 Months

Cathy Wood Ark Investment Management resumed the sale of shares in Inc. JD First time since July 2022.

on thursday Ark Fintech Innovation ETF arkf According to Bloomberg, 6,645 American Depositary Receipts have been sold. Wood’s company now owns 150,318 shares of’s ADR is up about 80% from its October 2022 low, while industry trailblazers are up more than 100%. of Tencent Holdings Czech Republic Listed in the US.

Wood will acquire the e-commerce operator in 2021. ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF Arkuk.

Wood is now more focused on buying growth stocks. Tesla and crypto exchange coin base.

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In 2022, Ark Invest sold 183,659 shares of This is worth an estimated $12.55 million. Previously, Wood said he remains “open-minded” about Chinese stocks because he thinks there are still some very interesting companies in the innovation space.

Tech stocks have seen a historic rally following China’s deregulation.China approved $1.5 billion in funding for billionaires jack maAnt Group Company.

Didi Global Co., Ltd. self made After the company’s flagship app returned to China’s largest mobile store, business got easier.

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