Cheltenham Council to invest £151k in energy monitoring system

The council will monitor the energy use of some of the historic buildings to help tackle climate change.

Cheltenham Borough Council has invested £151,000 in a new system that it hopes will also help reduce bills.

Some buildings, such as the Pittville Pump Rooms, are covered by schemes aimed at ensuring that energy use is well managed.

The council chief said it would also help deal with the financial pressures of the authorities.

The monitored buildings also include the Wilson and Cheltenham Borough Council offices, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

Rep. Alisha Lewis, a member of the Climate Emergency Cabinet, said the plan would fund the Council’s Green Investment Agreement.

she said:

“We cover everything from not powering anything that is not in use to being able to manage everything off-site.

“So if something happens and we need to change the heating depending on the weather, we can easily do it remotely.

“It will help reduce our energy consumption and thus make solar panels more viable in the long run. But especially it will save Congress a significant amount of money.”

The council also applied for government funding to conduct a feasibility study to set up two heat networks that could potentially supply heat to hundreds of homes and businesses in the town.

Council chiefs want to maximize opportunities to reuse waste heat generated in mechanical processes such as factories and commercial kitchens.

It is being considered as a possible site for the town center and new Golden Valley development.

A heat network works by using water to transport heat from a single source that supplies homes and businesses through underground pipes.

Heat is introduced into the building via a heat exchanger, eliminating the need for a boiler.

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