China VC Investment List Q4 2022 – Consumer sector

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Chinese startups continue to attract huge amounts of venture capital despite multiple challenges. In a fast-paced change that is filling the business community with excitement, anxiety and fear, EqualOcean publishes a series of roundup articles chronicling his major Q4 2022 fundraising events across industries. To do.

The companies in the limelight are companies of various sizes and maturity levels, from Series D companies to growth-stage startups, whose innovations are now just a touted concept. We believe this mix of big and small, famous and obscure, established and up-and-coming players, and investors who value them, presents the reader with who is who. Industry and technology evolution. Furthermore, we hope the EqualOcean series will provide insight to interested investors, entrepreneurs and observers interested in China.

From small businesses looking to make a name for themselves in the market, to well-established companies that have already raised significant amounts of money and are seeking further capital injections, here is a list you can’t miss.

1. Gold Vivo

Orvibo (China: Ou Ruibo) received a strategic funding round from Dongpeng Holdings (China: Dong Peng Holding) on ​​November 11 to jointly pioneer the $1 trillion whole-house intelligence market. Both companies will use their respective advantageous resources in brands, products, technologies and channels to further deepen the integration of the smart home business.

Orvibo is one of China’s leading smart home brands, and has provided whole-home smart products to over 3.5 million home users worldwide. Its market shipments ranked first among smart home central control screens.

2. Spirit of Justice

Zhengong Spirits (Chinese: 真工酒业) has completed a strategic funding round of RMB 600 million from Dayone Capital (Chinese: 日初资本) on November 3rd. This funding round will be used for continued brewing, brand building, and technical improvements.

Founded in 2021, Zhengong Spirits is a sauce spirits brand located in the core region of Maotai sauce spirits.


Chinese B2B intelligent marketing company Bailian.AI (Chinese: 百光Intelligence) has raised 100 million yuan (US$13.8 million) in its Pre-B series funding round on November 7th.创Investment) and Fore Bright Capital (China: Guangyuan Investment), then he was DeTong Capital (China: DeTong Capital) and his former shareholders Orient Capital (China: Dongfang Jiafu) and Yunqi Partners (China: China ) continue to increase. : Cloud Qi Capital).

The funds will be used to develop products, strengthen marketing, and improve competitive barriers for AI technology.

Bailian.AI is a Chinese B2B intelligent marketing service provider founded in 2018, providing data-driven intelligent marketing SaaS products and digital solutions for enterprises with B2B marketing needs.

4. Handle

MANKU (China: Selected by Manyaken), a new retail brand of whole-home furniture, will launch a strategic partnership from ZJU Future Innovation (China: Zheda Future Innovation) and Gold Port Capital (China: Zijingang Capital) on November 1st. Got funding. This funding round will be used primarily to promote and expand its pioneering whole house furnishings model in the domestic large residential industry.

MANKU is a new retail brand of whole house home furnishings in China, focusing on whole house soft furnishing services, selecting products through research and selection models to help consumers enjoy a better home consumption experience. .

5. McInty

McKinty (China: Mujindi) has received a strategic funding of RMB 200 million from Jinbang Equity Investment (China: 劲凳贄本) and Teway Food Group (China: Tianmi Food) on November 28th. Group digital transformation, recruitment, national layout projects.

Founded in 2008, McIntye is one of the leading brands in China’s food industry. Its main business is the Group’s food management services and urban food safety investments and operations. The company initially forms a national supply he chain cluster of “Central Kitchen + Cold Chain Distribution + Logistics Terminal + Health Data”.

6. Jiangji Distillery

Jiangji Distillery (Chinese: 江记酒 in Chinese), a winery owned by Jiangxiaobai (Chinese: Jiang Xiaobai), closed a Series B round of funding totaling RMB 1 billion on October 20th. It is managed by Chongqing Jiangjin Huaxin Asset Management Group (China: Huaxin Asset Holding of Chongqing Jiangjin State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission).

Funds will be invested in technological development, production infrastructure, agricultural cultivation, winemaking and old wine storage.

The Jiangji Distillery is an important production base for Jiang Xiao Bai, producing products such as Jiang Xiao Bai sorghum wine and Meiji plum wine. Today, the Jiangji Distillery stores 48,000 tons of old sake every year.

7. Horween

Horwin (Chinese: Hao Wan) completed an angel round of funding of over 100 million yuan on November 1st, invested by XVC and other institutions. Minerva Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor.

Horwin is positioned as a new generation global paradigm brand focused on high performance electric motors. Horwin said he expects to order 50,000 units in 2022, and already he has completed delivery of nearly 20,000 orders.

8. Lelecha

NAYUKI (Chinese name: 赵乐茶) announced on December 5 that it has signed an investment agreement with LELECHA (Chinese name: 乐乐茶) to acquire a 43.64% stake in LELECHA for 525 million yuan. bottom.

After the investment is completed, NAYUKI will become LELECHA’s largest shareholder.

LELECHA will become an affiliated company of NAYUKI and will operate independently while maintaining “same brand”, “same team” and “same operation”.

9. Sickmax Group

Chicmax Group (China: Shanghai Shangmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 22, putting beauty brands Kans and One Leaf back in the spotlight.

The outlook plan states that the funds will mainly be used for brand marketing investments, R&D investments, supply chains, factories, digital construction, and supplementary working capital.


Smart door brand IDeer (Chinese: 泛泛) completed an angel round and a pre-A round of funding on October 12, with Xiaomi Group (Chinese: Xiaomi 团), Shunwei Capital (Chinese: Xiaomi ) and other investors participated. : 衵れ资本), and Lockin (Chinese: 监技). The funds will be mainly used for product development, channel expansion and brand building.

Founded in 2022, IDeer focuses on the direction of entry-level smart door products, creating smart locks, smart door eyes and other products, with cumulative shipments exceeding 10 million units.

11. Lake Tenno

Children’s fitness training brand Tinenghu (Chinese: Physical Energy Tiger) has raised HK$65 million Series A+ funding from Hong Kong New World Investment Holdings Limited (Chinese: Hong Kong New World Investment) on November 16 The we.

Founded in 2010, Tinenghu focuses on children’s physical training, based on the US K12 core curriculum, to help children develop their brain, body and mind in a healthy way. developed a curriculum.

12. Fortune Care

Fortune Care (Chinese: Fushou Kang), a leading brand of home medical care, completed a Series C+ financing round of over CNY 100 million on December 28, with exclusive investment from National Life Pension Fund (Chinese: Guoju University Elderly Fund).

The funding will be used to build commercial services and digital operating systems, as well as expand the service network in the domestic market.

Founded in 2011, Fortune Care is dedicated to providing high quality, convenient, community-based home health care, nursing and rehabilitation services. The company uses long-term care insurance as a gateway to provide community-based home medical care, nursing care, and rehabilitation services to the elderly at home.

13. Jaha

Meta-Universe UGC Platform YAHAHA Raises US$40 Million in Series A+ Funding by 37 Interactive Entertainment (Chinese: 三七合娱乐), Jointly Led by Temasek and Alibaba, Nov. 15 announced that it did.

The new funding round will be used to expand its workforce and further expand its business reach in North America and Asia Pacific.

YAHAHA is a meta-universe UGC platform dedicated to building 3D interactive content and social platforms. With a mission to democratize the creation and consumption of 3D content, we create products that are easy for different user groups to use.

14. Rocks

Chinese AR glasses vendor Rokid raised RMB 125 million in Series C++ funding on November 4th and RMB 259 million in Series D funding on November 8th. Investors in the Series D funding are DH Capital (China: Dunhong Assets), Cheers Investment (China: Ganbei Investment), Chunxiao Digital Publishing Fund (China: Chunxiao Digital Publishing Fund), Wuxi Haichuang Investment (China: Wuxi Haichuang Investment) was.

Founded in 2014, Rokid focuses on human-computer interaction technology, dedicated to the ecological construction of YodaOS operating system as a research and development and carrier for AR glasses and other hardware and software products. The company’s AI and AR products are used in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

15. Waylon Delicious Global Holdings

Weilong Delicious Global Holdings Ltd. (Chinese: 卫龙, HK: 09985) is a well-known Chinese casual snacks manufacturer and retailer, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 15th. per share.

Funds raised from the listing will be used to expand and upgrade production facilities and supply chain systems, expand sales networks, build brands, develop products, and drive digital intelligence for the business.

16. Unipal

Unipal (Chinese: 有宾微包力) announced on October 13 that it had raised hundreds of millions of RMB in its Series A+ funding round. Investors in the funding round include Canming Ventures (Chinese: Canming Venture Capital) and Ameba Capital (Chinese: Amoeba Capital). , individual investors.

This funding round will be used to upgrade our supply chain, product iterations, marketing and further optimize our intelligent digital services for cat breeding scenarios.

Founded in 2019, Unipal focuses on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing new home appliances for intelligent cat breeding, aiming to provide intelligent all-scene solutions for cat breeding users around the world. doing.

17. Homblin

Chinese circular fashion brand Hongbulin (Chinese: 红布林) has successfully raised US$100 million from Zhuanzhuan (Chinese: 转转集团) in a Series C round on November 1st. The funds will mainly be used for service standardization, user experience improvement, product development, and database construction.

Founded in 2017, Hongbulin is a circular fashion platform focused on second-hand luxury goods trading. Trading products cover a wide range of trendy fashion categories including bags, shoes, apparel, jewelry and watches.

18. Guomai

Guomai (China: Guomai Liquor) raises strategic investment of 360 million yuan from Xi’an Gold Charge With Much Wisdom Fund Management CO.,LTD (China: Xi’an Gold Charge With Much Wisdom Fund Management CO.,LTD) on November 9 Did. This funding round will be used to jointly promote the market layout of China’s sauce spirits industry.

Guomai is an alcoholic beverage manufacturer engaged in alcoholic beverage production, distribution, brand management, channel operation, Internet e-commerce operation, and agricultural product production.

19. Shinnan Yuken

Xinanyouxuan (Chinese: jinan priority) recently announced the completion of its 80 million yuan Series A+ funding round on November 20th. This funding round will be used primarily to accelerate market growth, innovation in unmanned retail technology, and building a community ecology.

Founded in 2022, Xinanyouxuan is a community milk direct supply solution provider and a milk smart retail brand that provides users with proximity and self-service consumption scenarios.

20. Information Bus

JOHOBUS (Chinese: Wine Number Bus), a craft beer hall franchise service provider, has closed Series A+ funding on November 16 with a strategic investment from Hong Kong New World Investment Holdings Limited (Chinese: Hong Kong New World Investment) Raised HK$72 million in a funding round. .

The funds are mainly used for brand upgrade, enterprise restructuring and upgrade transformation.

JOHOBUS, a company integrating production, warehousing, logistics, office, catering, training and communication, is committed to building a Chinese brand of pubs.

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