City evaluates investment in grass roots groups in crime fight

The City of Indianapolis redirected $15 million in grants to grassroots organizations.

INDIANAPOLIS — As the end of the year approaches, city leaders take a closer look at some of the progress made in reducing crime and homelessness in Indianapolis.

This month, the city’s annual murders topped 200. According to the Public Health and Safety Service, the city saw a 16% drop in homicides and a 12.5% ​​drop in non-fatal shootings. They believe the elevation subsidy program played a big role in the reduction.

The city has invested $15 million in grassroots organizations such as the New Breed of Youth Mentoring Program (New BOY) and the Inner Beauty Program. This was part of our efforts to reduce violence and improve quality of life, and we were able to reach more children.

“The Elevation Grant has given me flexibility in how I interact with my children and how I interact with my family. We also want to make sure that it reaches, and it’s kind of embedded in the family,” said Kareem Hines, founder of New Boy.

Kareem Hines and Crystal Hines believe that supporting grassroots organizations like theirs is vital to the community.

“This shows that the city is not only investing financially, but also in trust. I am,” Kareem said.

“They recognize that it is grassroots agencies that can provide what they need, because we know, we are from here. has been subject to shortages,” Crystal added.

They believe the progress the city has made this year will give their neighbors pride and hope, and that’s important to everyone.

“Being able to change lives through our program tells a different story. It shows hope that a brighter future is on the horizon. It tells a credible story of our world,” Crystal said.

Click here for more information on the New BOY and Inner Beauty programs.

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