Collab Presents the Idea of Decentralization and Community, Transforming Real Estate Investment Management

Collab is a first-of-its-kind, community-oriented, vertically integrated real estate asset management and property management platform.

NEW YORK, NY–(Newsfile Corp. – December 19, 2022)–CollabHome (“Collab”) launches a revolutionary idea of ​​decentralization and community-oriented ideology in real estate investment management and property management platform. rice field. This offer reveals the potential for co-ownership of student housing with a significant impact on the social environment.

The financial elite and private equity firms have long looked to real estate assets as investment opportunities, especially the potential student housing segment. Investors paid him $5.7 billion to buy student housing in his 12 months through the first quarter of 2021, according to Real Capital Analytics. By segmenting assets and opening up this investment option to a wider income class, Collab recently disrupted the traditional real estate market paradigm.

Collab Presents Decentralization and Community Ideas to Transform Real Estate Investment Management

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In addition, increasing digitization and smartphone penetration, especially in developing countries, are making it easier for property managers to handle both residential and commercial properties. With the successful launch of Collab Asset Management System v1.0, which vertically integrates investment management, rental management and operations management (“Task Center”), Collab enters the global real estate investment services industry.

Collab’s decentralized approach to property management opens up new opportunities for investors, tenants, and others by completing tasks, supporting operations, and providing stable investments. This offsets costs on all fronts and fosters a close-knit community. Participants can join a like-minded community and become co-owners with a common interest in keeping assets at the best possible value.

Additionally, the firm has successfully certified its first investment offering with the SEC under Regulation A+. The company is Reg A+ compliant, so the investment platform is currently open to any US resident over the age of 18. As of December 2022, Collab owns and manages a combined student housing portfolio of approximately $45 million.

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About collaboration

Collab was founded by Qian Wang in 2020 with the idea of ​​redefining the economic and social experience of renters, investors and property managers in the student housing real estate sector, making real estate accessible to everyone. I have.

By building a democratized community, the Collab system will:

  • Community members can contribute their skills to wealth management and the wider community as needed and be rewarded as “community professionals.”

  • Enable renters to enjoy the benefits of owning property.

  • Investing in community-managed properties allows investors to become community stakeholders.

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