Gov. Whitmer to embark on first economic investment mission to Europe

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Wednesday that he will lead a five-day investment mission to Norway and Switzerland next week focused on attracting investment in job-creating businesses.

The visit is the first economic development visit to Europe under the governor’s administration and the first governor-led mission to Norway in recent history, according to a press release. Additionally, it will be the first visit to Switzerland by a Michigan governor since his 2016 visit. This visit also includes a stop in Zurich.

“The world is increasingly interconnected, and Michigan will play a key role on the world stage, especially as we lead the future of mobility, bring supply chains home, and become cleaner and energy independent. It’s important to hear from other nations’ leaders that we are fulfilling our national supply needs,” said Gov. Whitmer. “We will take this opportunity to tell the Michigan story around the world to leaders and decision makers in other countries. I will go anywhere and compete with everyone to bring home jobs and investments, show the world what we have to offer, strengthen our leadership in cars, chips and clean energy, Let us prove that the best manufacturing in the world is here in Michigan.”

During his stay in Norway, Governor Whitmer will meet business and government leaders in Oslo to discuss investment opportunities and cooperation in global industries such as mobility and hydrogen.

The governor will also stop by Zurich. Quentin L. Messer, Jr., his CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and other members of his MEDC will join Norwegian Governor Whitmer.

“As the most abundant chemical element, hydrogen can play a key role in accelerating Michigan’s clean energy transition away from fossil fuels in the coming decades. and if Michigan takes full advantage of this transition, it could create high-paying jobs for its fellow friends and neighbors on both peninsulas.Meet and engage with corporate leaders in the hydrogen space We have the opportunity to have productive conversations about how we can strengthen our workforce, attract more jobs to Michigan, and create greater business opportunities.”

In September 2022, Michigan announced it would become one of seven Midwestern states working together to accelerate the development of hydrogen as a clean energy alternative. The Midwestern Hydrogen Coalition partners with the states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin to collaborate on clean hydrogen development.

The Midwest Hydrogen Coalition builds on Governor Whitmer’s MI Sound Climate Plan. The plan positions Michigan as a climate leader and prioritizes his actions from now through 2030 to identify what it takes for Michigan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. I’m here.

Located in Northern Europe, Norway shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. About 5.4 million people live there. Located in Central Europe, Switzerland shares borders with Italy, France, Germany and Austria and has a population of around 8.7 million. Business leaders and economists estimate Michigan has significant growth potential in Norway and Switzerland.

After these business meetings, Governor Whitmer was invited to attend the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, “Collaboration in a Fragmented World.” The governor was invited by forum leaders to speak on a panel entitled “Manufacturing Revives” attended by executives from the mobility and semiconductor industries.

A new report from CNBC named Michigan one of three states, along with Georgia and Kentucky, poised to “dominate” U.S. electric vehicle battery manufacturing by 2030. . A global electric vehicle competitor through this increased manufacturing capacity. Last year, the state attracted thousands of jobs and her $14 billion investment in electric vehicles and batteries, and developed programs to train and hire the next generation of talent in the electric vehicle and mobility sector.

“Michigan is competing with other states and other countries for game-changing manufacturing projects and thousands of jobs,” Whitmer said. “The people of Michigan are tough, hard-working people. We aim to be the number one state in the electric vehicle industry over the next 10 years and will not stop until we win.”

“The 21st century will be defined by the globalization of markets. For Michigan to be competitive in retaining and attracting businesses and jobs, it must strive to do so.” One of our key assets is a Governor who is motivated and effective in promoting Michigan on the national and international stage.As an organization focused on promoting Michigan’s economic development, the Chamber of Commerce see tremendous value in participating in the World Economic Forum.”

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