Hogsett and Indy Parks announce $5 million investment to Kennedy-King Memorial

INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Hogsett and Indy Parks today announced a $5 million investment in improvements to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park’s Kennedy King memorial site.

Located in the Kennedy King neighborhood just north of downtown Indianapolis, this park was historically where Robert F. Kennedy informed the crowd of Dr. King’s assassination.

The park includes the Landmark for Peace Memorial, Still We Reach exhibit, playground, outdoor pool, and performance shelter.

“This site has long served as an inspiration for Indianapolis. With today’s announcement, it will become an even more beautiful and inspiring place,” said Mayor Hogsett. Senator Kennedy informed a mob of Indianapolis residents of Dr. King’s assassination, what followed was to keep the peace, restore hope, and, importantly, continue Dr. King’s work. It was a community effort for.Today, we honor the story of Indianapolis by investing in more beautiful and welcoming parks.”

With a $5 million investment from the City of Indianapolis, Indy Parks will improve King Kennedy’s memorial site. The site will become the King Kennedy Memorial Site with new amenities including:

  • Celebration/event square
  • Eternal Flame artwork with interpretation panels
  • New pavilion area along walkway
  • Extended parking lot
  • Connection to new pedestrian walkway (along North Park Avenue)
  • New aisles and seating areas


“Indy Parks is dedicated to creating places and experiences that inspire, and by enhancing Dr. We are building a legacy and securing its future.” “This investment will completely reshape the area of ​​the park, providing more space for neighbors and visitors to gather, contemplate and, of course, play.”

The project is in addition to the $80 million Lilly Foundation investment in Indy Park announced earlier this month by Mayor Hogesett.

“When you come to this park, you know you are in a sacred space that is loved,” said City Councilor Duke Oliver. “The legacy of Dr. King and Senator Kennedy lives on in each of us, and lives on through the work, park programs and investments that take place in this treasured park.”

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