Impact on a global scale

The purpose of this tool is to inform investors about investment types and their potential sustainability impact. The information within the tool is of a general nature and does not constitute Triodos Investment Management’s opinion on any financial instrument. Therefore, this tool is not intended to purchase, sell, dispose of, or engage in any other transaction of any investment, or to provide investment advice or recommendations, but should be construed as an offer, invitation, or general solicitation. Shouldn’t.

All investments involve risk and all individual investment decisions are the sole responsibility of the individual. Past or estimated results are not guarantees or indications of future results. Triodos Investment Management is not responsible for any loss.

Information in the tool is updated regularly. However, the tools are not updated daily. Therefore, the information in the tool may be outdated. Triodos Investment Management cannot be held responsible for outdated information.

The impact data shown is for the end of 2020.

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