Industry Consortium Lobbies for More Federal Sustainable Aviation Investment

A group of 15 companies developing electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft, and the infrastructure needed to support them, have been told by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm that Biden asked to focus more on their own industry as part of the The administration’s broad plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Companies such as Airbus, Ampaire, Archer Aviation, BETA Technologies, Bye Aerospace, Eve Air Mobility, Joby Aviation, Lilium, Overair, Signature Flight Support, Skyports, Supernal LLC, Vertical Aerospace, Wisk Aero, ZeroAvia , aviation fuel (SAF) is an “immediate solution to decarbonize the sector” and it is imperative to invest in future aircraft technology as well.

“The world is currently experiencing one of the most exciting times in aviation since the dawn of the jet age,” the companies said in a letter. “Recently, the White House has listed net-zero aviation technology as one of the five priorities of the newly formed Zero Emissions Game Change Initiative’s ‘Innovation for America to Meet the 2050 Climate Goals’. , correctly recognized this. ”

Both companies have proven that the technology they represent “provides the first and best long-term path to achieving net-zero aviation emissions.” They said, “Electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen aircraft will enter commercial operation in 2024, providing the aviation industry with net-zero operations for the first time on short-haul, regional and long-haul flights.”

The companies also stressed the need to develop new infrastructure specifically designed for zero-emission aircraft and keep pace with progress made in other countries.

“Other countries around the world are starting to invest heavily in zero-emission technology because of the environmental and social benefits that come with it. announced an investment of £685 million for the year.

The European Union and its member states have also committed more than €1 billion in investments,” the letter reads.

Companies said that by adopting new technologies, the U.S. can create jobs while helping decarbonize the aviation sector. “Since the dawn of aviation, the United States has led the world in aviation research, development and advancement, making the aerospace and defense sector the largest export sector each year.”

In the future, the United States can maintain its leadership by prioritizing zero-emission aviation, the companies said, adding that they “stand ready to engage and help support this leadership.”

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