Is Zetacoin (ZET) a Bad Investment Sunday?

Zetacoin has a high risk rating. investor observer analysis. A unique scoring system analyzes the amount of money needed to move the price in the last 24 hours. This indicator looks at recent changes in volume and market cap to assess how much of a coin you can manipulate with limited trades. Scores range from 0 to 100, with lower scores representing higher risk and higher values ​​representing lower risk.

investor observer We give Zetacoin a high risk/reward score. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the Zetacoin rankings!

Transaction analysis

ZET’s current risk score means it is a relatively risky investment. Investors primarily interested in risk assessment will find this score most useful for avoiding (or potentially looking for) risky investments. ZET has fallen -0.11 over the last 24 hours and is currently at $0.000336319. Volume and market capitalization data are not currently received through data providers. The lack of available data is usually a sign that either new coins or tokens have entered the market or are of very low volume and value levels that have not been picked up by major data providers. Recorded volume or market capitalization usually correlates with highly volatile coins that may not be the best investment choice for the majority of investors. However, those looking for new crypto may be more intrigued by coins such as Zetacoin.


ZET’s price volatility over the past 24 hours, combined with its price volatility and changes in trading volume, provides a high risk analysis and gives investors reason to be concerned about the coin’s operability at the moment. . Click here for the full report on Zetacoin (ZET).

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