Lawmakers invest in solar energy, jobs in Georgia

Atlanta (WSAV) — The “Solar Energy Production for America Act” is now enacted, investing $2.5 billion and creating 2,500 jobs in Momo State.

State lawmakers say it will have a ripple effect and train a whole new workforce.

“So not only can we really solve energy and efficiency problems, but we can also revitalize our workforce.”

Q Cells – Will be the state’s largest clean energy investment and create jobs in manufacturing and construction.

“We are seeing more solar plants, which is a good thing and they are doing a good job of understanding the needs of rural Georgia,” said state legislator Dexter Sharpe ( D-Valdosta) said.

“Therefore, clean energy is a top priority to be part of national and global warming,” he said. State Senator Dexter Sharper (D-Valdosta).

Senator Ossoff said this would create thousands of solar jobs and boost advanced energy production in the country.

“This is an important day for Georgia and we cannot celebrate strong economic news of this magnitude every day,” said Senator Ossoff.

The legislation provides tax incentives for domestic solar power production to accelerate the US transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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