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SAN FRANCISCO, December 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ARTIS Ventures, a leading venture company pioneering investments in the TechBio space, today announced its newest class of AV Fellows. The 2022 Fellows include his 13 leading PhD, MD and Postdoc candidates who work closely with the core AV team supporting all aspects of the investment process, from due diligence and deal sourcing to portfolio support. .

Dr. Vasudev Bailey, senior partner at ARTIS Ventures, said: “One of the ways we add value is by bringing an incredibly talented group of PhDs and MDs into our network through our AV Fellows program. continues to deliver unparalleled value, and this new 2022 class will be beneficial to both ARTIS and our portfolio companies alike.”

The one-year program includes a diverse group of 13 fellows from around the world, selected from hundreds of applicants currently enrolled in PhD or MD programs (or postdoctoral/residency). including protein design, neuroengineering, drug discovery, synthetic biology, and cell therapy.

Introducing the 2022 AV Fellows

  1. Cameron AndersonPhD Candidate from Cambridge University, Specializing in Computational Antibody Engineering
  2. Jessica BarralMD/PhD Candidate at Harvard University, Focusing on Computational Oncology
  3. Gavin Hoy, M.D.Fellow in Hematology and Oncology, UCLA
  4. Morgan JanesPh.D. Candidate from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with expertise in immunotherapy
  5. Chen Kai Lima PhD/MBA candidate at the National University of Singapore, working on synthetic biology and DNA storage
  6. David MaiPhD candidate in Dr. Carl June’s Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on T-cell engineering
  7. Niraji MeterPhD Candidate in Chemistry, Stanford University
  8. Dr. Tommaso Menaraa postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego, specializing in neuroscience and machine learning
  9. Jeremiah SimsJim Valentine Fellow and MD/PhD Candidate at the University of Washington under the guidance of David Baker, Institute for Protein Design
  10. Emily SuePhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins University, Specializing in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology
  11. Donna TaraborrelliPhD Candidate in Public Health, Harvard University
  12. Dylan VillavisanisMount Sinai MD Candidate Specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  13. Guy WilsonPhD Candidate at Stanford University, Focusing on Computational Neuroscience

In addition to the fellowship program, ARTIS’ pioneer The program brings together prominent executives from the healthcare world, including pharmaceuticals, biology, academia, and regulation, to accelerate and incubate life-changing ideas in healthcare. Pioneers include experienced biopharma and life sciences executives with diverse backgrounds, specialties and perspectives who lead both ARTIS and its portfolio companies as they work to impact healthcare around the world. I’m here.

ARTIS Managing Partner Stuart Peterson said: “Every great idea requires an even better team and ecosystem of support to bring the vision to life. Our growing network of up-and-coming fellows and experienced pioneers gives our portfolio companies greater competition. It continues to give us the upper hand.”

Founded in 2001, ARTIS Ventures focuses on the intersection of computer science and life sciences, partnering with entrepreneurs who seek to have a positive impact on the world through disruptive technological and scientific innovation.

For more information about ARTIS Ventures, its team and portfolio, please visit: https://www.av.co.

About ARTIS Ventures
ARTIS Ventures (AV) partners with entrepreneurs looking to impact the world by reshaping and reinventing their industries. This team supports investee companies throughout their lifecycle, from early venture investment to public offering and beyond.As an early leader in emerging countries Tech bio field, ARTIS Ventures, funds companies at the intersection of computer science and life sciences, applying engineering principles and data-driven discovery to the healthcare sector. Notable companies it has backed include Stemcentrx (acquired by Abbvie), lemonade health (acquired by 23andMe), via site (acquired by Vertex Pharma), Eko Health, outpace bio, found, Derricks Therapeutics, free name, ablation bio, modern meadow, Palantir, Youtube, cohesion, etc. For more information, see: www.av.co or email contact@av.co.


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