Levy may have made a secret trip to Qatar amid QSI investment claims

Speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham podcast, Alasdair Gold discusses rumors of Qatar Sports Investments buying a potential stake in Tottenham Hotspur.

Rumors have circulated over the past two weeks that the Qatari are investing in Spurs, and Gold shared what he heard about the matter.

Journalists say Daniel Levy has actually discussed the potential partial sale of Spurs to QSI twice. Another time he supposedly made a clandestine trip to Qatar to discuss a glamorous investment.

Gold says the Spurs have denied this, but as we all know, clubs typically underestimate these issues.

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Levi could have gone to Qatar

Gold shared what he knows about the situation.

“Daniel Levy and Nasser Al-Khelaifi are good friends and have been together for a long time. PSG and Spurs have done many deals in the past. It looks like we’ll meet,” said Gold.

“It’s an undeniable aspect of the relationship. I understand that Levy was in Qatar for the ECA meeting in early December, but there are also suggestions that he was in Qatar again during the festivities. I understand. Last week’s meeting was perhaps the second time the topic of a potential investment was brought up, which the Spurs have denied.

May be advanced

If Levy had been talking to QSI about this potential investment for over a month, the deal could be further along than we believe.

Acquisitions and minority divestitures won’t move quickly, but this could be a deal further down the pipeline than we’re necessarily aware of.

The fact that Levy and Al-Khelaifi are good friends suggests that this investment may actually be on the cards.

Stay tuned because this could be one of the biggest news stories of 2023.

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