Marketing Briefing: For this year’s Super Bowl, marketers will seek to ‘stretch investment’ however they can

Still, marketers and agency executives say the Super Bowl remains important because it’s one of the few events consumers watch live and actually pay attention to ads. That’s why the marketer is still willing to pay up to $7 million for his 30-second spot in Super Bowl LVII on Fox on February 12, despite the economic downturn. Because it’s getting harder and harder to get attention.

I’m not saying all brands are ready for that kind of cash — brands like Toyota and Carmax aren’t in the game this year. Streamers are the fastest rising category,” said John Lefferts, executive vice president of Integrated Investments at UM.

Marketers and agency executives say higher prices at a time when many marketers are cutting back on advertising spending given economic uncertainty will help marketers make as much money as possible in their games to justify their investments. will try to

Brendan Gahan, partner and chief social officer of Mekanism, said: “To create the halo effect of earned media, there is a greater focus on TV placements that integrate the second screen experience. [and engagement]”

Gahan continues: I think his QR code activation for his Coinbase last year opened a lot of people’s eyes. The Super Bowl doesn’t have to be a pure brand-building exercise. You can definitely see the impact. Visionary brands will open up and expand beyond the “celebrity + funny commercial = success” model. ”

Will 2023 be the year of the QR code at the Super Bowl? ) is trying to find a way to draw attention to

Wunderman Thompson North America CCO Tom Murphy said: “The coolest thing possible was hijacking attention by doing something designed to steal it without even giving the game a spotlight.”

Murphy continues: Both of these ads reimagined what a Super Bowl spot could be. ”

Some speculate that it could be possible with some form of AI, which has been a hot topic in marketing and media over the past few weeks. DDB San Francisco executive his creative director Ben Wolan said: “With the rise of Midjourney, Dall-E and ChatGPT, it feels inevitable.”

Keith Cartwright, founder and CCO of agency Cartwright, said: It’s the world of technology and our story. ”

That said, marketers expect a return to humor to dominate advertising for big game games, as the current situation calls for a good laugh in a difficult time. I know it’s going to be,” said Cartwright. “Especially in moments like the Super Bowl, people are still trying to laugh.”

3 Questions with Garth Knutson, Head of Marketing at Aflac

Aflac is allocating more budget to women’s basketball. why?

From a business strategy perspective, it makes sense to invest there. But it’s also right. In this case, it was an easy decision when Superpowers, sponsors with funds to invest in player and fan experiences, could be permanently used.

How did you communicate this change to your team?

I did this whole rambling about how it made me excited and sad. [I sent] VERY SHARP EMAIL: ON-THE-GROUND PLAN FOR THE MEN’S FINAL FOUR IS CANCELED. All planned efforts, including budgets, will be shipped towards the Women’s Final Four dominant effort. On Friday, March 31, 2023, her 51% to her 100% of activation costs will be allocated to the Dallas Women’s Final Four.

What does Aflac’s overall sports marketing strategy look like?

We know our target audience is college sports fans. Specifically college football and college basketball. So Saturdays during the college football season, and he’s in March and he’s in April at the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament, he’s heavily advertised throughout the year. It’s a top priority for me. When your target audience is passionate about it, how do you insert yourself in a way that makes sense to them?The majority of spending on a program like this, ie march his madness goes linear . After that, the next biggest investment will be the revitalization of on-site experience activities. And it’s like both football and basketball. There he also has CTV and OTT. — Kimeko McCoy

see in numbers

Netflix series Emily in Paris is still a Top 10 show in 92 countries, three weeks after its latest season premiered on the streamer. The famous Emily is a marketer who can afford her lavish lifestyle, designer outfits, and glamorous parties, and it seems the show has sparked viewer interest in her gig.Movchan PR , “Emily in Paris” sparked a surge in marketing job searches. Key findings include:

  • The search for “freelance digital marketing jobs” 684% in the United States
  • Searches for “inexperienced remote marketing jobs” and “online marketing jobs” rise 420% When 315% Respectively
  • Searches for ‘learn social media marketing online’ and ‘learn marketing for beginners’ are up 800% When 400%Julian Cannon

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“The whole identity is like the emperor’s new clothes… It requires a deep understanding of Bender’s privacy routines.”

— Former in-house media executive. Now he consults with CPG on retail media strategy and explains how to evaluate the right solutions for a cookie-free future.

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