Mastodon rejects more than five investment offers to stay a non-profit

out of control

But Rochko refused to mess with it, calling his non-profit site “out of control.”

“Mastodon isn’t going to be everything Twitter dislikes,” Rochko added. “The fact that it can be sold to a controversial billionaire, the fact that it can be closed, bankruptcy, etc. It’s a paradigm difference. [between the platforms]”

It may be this approach that Musk sees as problematic. Just two weeks ago, Twitter temporarily suspended Mastodon’s account after he tweeted information about Musk’s private flight path of his jet.

Rochko wrote a blog post about the event, saying, “A strong reminder that centralized platforms can impose arbitrary and unfair limits on what you can and cannot say.” He also shared that between October 2022 and November 2022, Mastodon’s number of monthly active users increased from his 300,000 to a whopping 2.5 million.

In fact, just in the first two weeks after Musk’s acquisition, more than 1 million people joined Mastodon, bringing the total number of users to 1.6 million at the time.

same but different

Mastodon offers a similar service to Twitter, but consists of many distributed and independent moderation servers. This means that unlike one his website, Twitter, Mastodon is made up of thousands of websites that interact with each other. A new user signs up for one such website or server, but is not limited to following people or posts on that server alone.

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