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Meta Nebulas, the hottest SocialFi Metaverse project with NFT innovation, announces strategic investment by Bitney Fans Club to drive blockchain adoption, liquidity pool expansion, and ecosystem expansion.

On the launch of Meta Nebulus 2.0, Meta Nebulus (MNB) released its first Metaverse smartwatch and MNB 2.0 ecosystem expansion plan, MNB Daily Hour, prioritizing the importance and core functionality of SocialFi in MNB 2.0. , enhanced the interaction experience between people.

Expansion plans caught the attention of the Bitney Fans Club, leading to a strategic investment in Meta Nebulas. With funding from backer Bitney Fans Club, Meta Nebulas will expand his MNB 2.0 ecosystem and community building aspects, focusing on market expansion for Meta Nebulas.

About Meta Nebula 2.0

Due to the success of Meta Nebulas 1.0, Meta Nebulas decided to explore another brand new ecosystem. We called it Meta Nebulas 2.0. To enable users to experience SocialFi deeply, Meta Nebulas 2.0 ecosystem is upgrading the Meta Nebulas 2.0 ecosystem from the previous 1.0 online social networking to the current hybrid (online and offline) social networking ecosystem. Meta Nebulas 2.0 is built around basic daily activities for most people, such as sports and gatherings. Meta Nebulas 2.0 has two core ecosystems: METAMOVE-AND-EARN and METASOCIAL-AND-EARN.


METAMOVE-AND-EARN is similar to Move2Earn’s current trend, but where Meta Nebulas 2.0 stands out from the crowd is how calories burned contribute to the reward calculation. This is its unique selling point. Players only need to purchase the MNB Daily Hour and the level 11 NFT Meta Nebulas. After that, the system will calculate how much you will be rewarded for just one hour of exercise. For more information, visit the Meta Nebulas Gitbook:

METSOCIAL-AND-EARN is a combination of online and offline interactions where players can get together in groups of 2, 5 or 8 for 60 minutes to earn IONZ as a reward!

Bitney Fan Club and Meta Nebula

As part of a strategic investment, Bitney Fans Club will provide access to resources for exclusive media partners, community building, and project connectivity for Meta Nebulas.

The main focus of Meta Nebulas is to provide users with a brand new and high quality social experience. With the support of Bitney Fans Club, Meta Nebulas will provide users with some premium benefits and can also support BITNEY tokens so that users can only use BITNEY tokens to upgrade her MNB 2.0 NFTs. increase.

Socialize and Earn!

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