Microsoft Reportedly Closing In On $10 Billion Investment Into ChatGPT Creator OpenAI

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Microsoft and OpenAI, the company behind the viral artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, are in talks about a deal that would value the latter at $29 billion, according to some reports. Longtime rival Google.

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Microsoft has discussed making a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, Semafor reported late Monday, citing people familiar with the discussions.

According to Semafor, the deal, which would ultimately result in Microsoft acquiring a 49% stake in the startup, also included a clause under which Microsoft would receive three-quarters of OpenAI’s profits until it recouped its investment. and an additional investor will get 49% and OpenAI will keep. The remaining 2% are equities.

Bloomberg coincided with Semafor’s report late Monday, but a source who told Bloomberg said Microsoft was talking about investing as much as $10 billion in OpenAI at a valuation of about $29 billion. We are talking about investing as much as $10 billion in

Microsoft and OpenAI did not react immediately. forbesRequest for comments.

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OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public for free on November 30th. The program quickly grew in popularity, as many users were amazed at how well the bot modeled human conversation. Microsoft invested his $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, making it the startup’s exclusive cloud provider. According to Bloomberg, the two companies have been in talks for months about Microsoft significantly increasing his stake in OpenAI.of wall street journal reported last week that OpenAI is looking to sell its shares at a valuation of $29 billion.


Microsoft is reportedly planning to integrate ChatGPT into its own Bing search engine, and Google executives are scrambling as the artificial intelligence sensation threatens Google’s longtime dominance in the space. It is said that there are Shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet fell 2.2% in early trading on Tuesday, while shares of Microsoft rose 0.8% in a moderate sell-off.


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