Premier of Tasmania – Future proofing Hobart’s water supply with key infrastructure investment

January 16, 2023

Michael Ferguson, Treasurer

Thanks to a historic partnership between the Rockliffe Free Government and TasWater, a nearly $250 million project to improve the security of Greater Hobart’s water supply is nearing completion.

TasWater completes a $243.9 million upgrade of Plenty’s Bryn Estyn water treatment plant.

Bryn Estin is Greater Hobart’s main source of drinking water.

Work on the site has been underway for about 18 months, and the two-year construction is expected to be completed in mid-2023.

Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer Michael Ferguson said the upgrade was designed to allow even more capacity to be added to meet the growing demands of Hobart’s growing population over the next few decades. .

“Residents of Greater Hobart will have safer and more reliable water supplies with the completion of TasWater’s largest capital project, an upgrade,” he said.

“This upgrade will ensure that the Greater Hobart region will have high-quality drinking water for the next 50 years.”

The upgrade is backed by a $200 million government equity investment to accelerate TasWater’s long-term capital program and improve water and wastewater infrastructure across Tasmania.

The acting prime minister said the project has also provided a significant economic boost to the local civil construction sector and its supply chain.

“Our government is getting things done and this upgrade forms part of TasWater’s $1.1 billion capital expenditure program for quality projects over the next four years,” he said.

As a key partner in TasWater’s delivery of new and upgraded infrastructure around Tasmania, it is great to see such a large-scale project successfully implemented and benefiting TasWater’s customers in the Greater Hobart region. is great. ”

TasWater CEO George Theo said upgrading the water treatment plant means that generations of Tasmanians can have confidence in the quality and availability of drinking water.

“This upgrade means our customers have access to safe, clean and great-tasting drinking water when they need it,” he said.

“We are also looking to the future and further investment will enable Bryn Estyn to increase production from 160 to 200 megalitres per day as the population grows.”

Hazell Bros project manager Meg Lillico says it’s an exciting time to work in the construction sector.

“Large-scale projects in Tasmania like Bryn Estin are perfect for giving companies confidence in their future investments,” she said.

“This job will allow our current workforce to expand and develop their skills while remaining in-state, along with new apprentices.”

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