Farniente | 3 Beds – 3 Baths | 0.5 Acres

Luxury Caribbean Villa

Dulcina | 4 Bed – 4.5 Bath | 1.8 Acres

caribbean house

First Light | 3 Beds – 3.5 Baths | 0.5 Acres

A welcome expansion to the scheme where dozens of new homeowners have been granted citizenship

These policies continue our progressive course in the global investor immigration industry and solidify St Kitts and Nevis’ position as a leader in the Citizenship by Investment field. “

— Prime Minister – Terrance Drew

Charlestown, Nevis, St. KITTS & NEVIS, December 28, 2022 / — There’s probably a good reason why the Caribbean’s first hotel was built on Nevis. Built in the late 1700s with local stone, it offered a luxurious place to stay. For tourists from all over the world. They knew then what we still know today: Nevis was a unique gem, a single cloud-shrouded summit fringed with palm trees and beaches fringed with jungle. , the perfect child’s picture of a paradise island comes to life.

There are no traffic lights here yet. No skyscrapers yet. Still, nothing is more important than his single road that circumnavigates the island. Citizenship by investment programs typically require you to purchase a home built into a government-approved real estate project. However, the Private Home Scheme also grants Twin Island Federation citizenship to properties valued at $400,000 or more.

Statistics from Nevis Style Realty show the scheme’s popularity is impressive, with 24% of buyers citing it as their primary reason for acquiring island property as of 2022. This is definitely set to rise thanks to the extension of the scheme.

With products such as Farniente and Dulcina gaining traction, buyers have no choice. The former is a charming cottage on the northern tip of the island, dedicated to all things sea, sky and Caribbean. From the kitchen window, you can look out over bright trees and fields to the deep blue sea. Plumeria and palm trees take center stage in the garden and the pool deck is the perfect place to watch both sunrise and sunset. And Dulcina is on the other end of the spectrum. A classic Caribbean home that steps back into the past while giving a gentle nod to the modern world. An infinity-edge pool in front of the pink house overlooks vibrant tropical vegetation against the blue of the ocean and sky. This is elegant and luxurious on approximately 2 acres of gorgeous gardens.

Alternatively, there are places like First Light near the Golden Rock boutique hotel. As its name suggests, this home is all about sunrise and features a large lanai and pool deck that take advantage of that view. Clean, simple and classic lines and styles come together to create a comfortable home. Stardust, on the other hand, is located on Sunset Ridge, which is perfect for sundowners. The pop of color in the home mirrors the colors of the garden, where bougainvillea spills over local stone. is in

There are currently no Covid restrictions for visiting the island. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to come discover what has captivated travelers for centuries with this extension of the private home scheme.At Nevis Style Realty, we’re looking for a lasting reason to return I love finding the perfect home for people. With the addition of citizenship and his one of the most powerful passports in the world, now is the time to redefine your way of life.

Let us help you find your Caribbean.

Private home sale investment options

The private home sale investment option will be held as a permanent investment option under the CBI program. In this case, the minimum investment amount per application is USD 400,000 in single-family homes designated as approved private residences.

Properties previously designated as approved private residences will lose their designation when the new CBI rules come into effect. Developers of such property must apply to the CIU Board of Directors to redesignate the property as an approved private residence.

Approved private homes are subject to the following restrictions:
• Cannot be resold within 7 years.
• May not be resold to other CBI applicants.When
• Cannot be converted into an apartment or condominium.

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