SAVEWO introduces the only Hong Kong-made respirator obtaining top EU and China certifications, enters medical market with increased investment and production capacity

Hong Kong, December 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — while COVID-19 Pandemic Hong Kong Many people have returned to normal life, Hong KongSAVEWO, a mask developer and manufacturer based in SAVEWO, plans to shift its focus from mass-market masks to the professional medical mask market, increasing investment and production capacity.

International certification comparison respirator for masks and masks

Comparison of International Certifications for Masks and Respirators

The brand new “Extreme Pro Plus Respirator” is the only disposable mask available in the world. Chinese top “GB19083-2010 Level 3” certification (Extreme Pro+ is the first in the world) disposable Respirators must be certified to this standard) and have a filtration rate of at least 99.97%. This new product outperforms his 3M products in the same grade and is only half the price of its competitors. We are ready to compete in the international market.

The world’s only ventilator certified by the EU and China more comfortable than standard 3M Products of the same grade

SAVEWO has been planning its switch to the medical respiratory market for over a year. “Extreme Pro Respirator”, the previous generation of “Extreme Pro + Respirator”, Hong Kong FFP3 certification for the European Union in 2021. With the unique “TYPECOOL+EX” combined extreme filtering technology, the BFE/PFE/VFE rating exceeds 99.9% and the breathing resistance is less than half of his traditional FFP3 respirator. “Extreme Pro Respirator” has been adopted by local medical institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Prince Philip Dental Hospital, Kwon Wah Hospital, Kowloon East Cluster of Hospital Authorities, and School of Dentistry. Hong Kong University.

The brand new product “Extreme Pro+ Respirator” is even more advanced in terms of technology and production. Not only is it more protective, but it’s also more comfortable to wear. 3M products of the same grade. His patented V-shaped design, where the headband is longer than the neckband, fits comfortably and securely on the sides of the user’s face and head. Its dual foam padding perfectly seals the gap between the face and the respirator and has a fit test pass rate of over 90% after thousands of fit tests. The new ventilator fits most users and helps hospitals streamline inventory management and keep costs down. A medical professional can wear her mask continuously 24 hours a day in a comfortable environment while enjoying a high degree of protection.

“Compared to 3M Zen Ding, co-founder and CEO of SAVEWO, said: respirator. ”

Revenue in 2022 HKD 300 million has the largest mask production facility in Hong Kong

Founded by Zen meditation, Melanie Choi When HKD 6 million Initial capital, invested by SAVEWO HK$50 million Embracing and supporting “Industry 4.0” for the past 3 years of Hong Kong Re-industrialization with independent development and manufacturing of protective equipment.

“In our 140,000 square foot facility, Tsuen Wan50,000 square feet is set up as a dust-free, sterile clean room. Hong KongOur company has 32 production lines and more than 300 employees working around the clock. ” Melanie Choi. Current September 2022the SAVEWO earnings are HKD 200 millionthe expected return in 2022 is HKD 300 millionChoi added.

SAVEWO prides itself on its innovative product development and extensive manufacturing line. Their export destinations are united states of america, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore When TaiwanOther notable products include 3DMASK Smile, the first barrier-free mask with EU FFP2 and US ASTM Level 3 certifications, and 3DMEOW, the first 3D mask with a design patent. Hong Kong.


Founded in 2020, SAVEWO specializes in the innovative development, design and manufacture of health protection equipment. Hong Kong pride. Our products have passed tests by many well-known professional testing and certification bodies, such as Nelson labs/SGS/TUV/KOTITI/STC/INTERTEK/Bureau Veritas. SAVEWO is Japan’s first mask manufacturer. Hong Kong To mass produce protective masks certified according to Korea KMOEL-2017-64 KF94 / KF99 and EU EN149: 2001+A1: 2009 FFP2 / FFP3, China GB19083-2010 Level 3, GB2626-2019 KN95 standard.

SAVEWO has the largest mask production factory in Japan. Hong Kong It has over 300 employees.A two-story flagship production facility located in Tsuen Wan With over 140,000 square feet of floor space, we have the largest dust-free cleanrooms in the nation. Hong Kong, and a comprehensive laboratory dedicated to professional product development and quality control. We have 32 production lines working around the clock, with a maximum daily output of 800,000 pieces. Our export destinations include united states of americaEngland, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan When Germany.


Comparison of popular medical respirators in Hong KongComparison of popular medical respirators in Hong Kong

Comparison of popular medical respirators in Hong Kong

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