Sen. Cramer Discusses Pro-Life Philosophy, Fufeng Investment on BEK News

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined BEK News’ Ladies of Another View to discuss his pro-life philosophy and the Fufeng Group’s purchase of land in Grand Forks for a corn mill. rice field. Excerpts and full video are below.

Above Fetal support method:

“If you’re a single mother, the father of a child has obligations. My bill simply fulfills those obligations.” [recognized] Of course, this is a demonstration that “life begins at conception.” […] For me, it was a way of saying, “I’m pro-life, but I also need to look after my mother,” instead of just imposing this belief and walking away.

click here Learn more about Senator Kramer Fetal support method.

About Fufeng, strategic decoupling:

“You don’t have to be the head of the CIA to know that communist China is a villain. I think. [the U.S.] you should consider detaching yourself [from China] gradually. My objection to the corn milling facility was based on the following. [its proximity to the Grand Forks] Air Force bases, and perhaps the fact that China no longer wants to control our nation’s critical supply chains. ”

“I requested not one but two classified briefings. [The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] And one from the Air Force Department. I got both. […] I specifically asked the lawyers, can I say this when I leave this boat? is not lowering.In other words, [the non-jurisdictional determination] It wasn’t a green light. ”

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