Short interest in Saratoga Investment Corp. (NYSE:SAR) increased by 18.2% in December.

Saratoga Investment Corporation (NYSE: SAR) saw a notable increase in the number of short positions throughout December. There are a total of 48,100 shares shorted as of Dec. 15, an increase of 18.2% from his 40,700 shares on Nov. 30. At any given time, approximately 0.6% of the company’s total shares are short-sold. The current short-term interest rate is his 1.3 days, calculated based on an average trading volume of 36,900 shares. This ratio is currently determined to be accurate.

Tuesday, October 4, was the day public access to the latest quarterly earnings report filed by Saratoga Investments (NYSE: SAR) was made. The consensus forecast for earnings per share for the quarter was $0.53 and the actual earnings per share for the quarter was $0.58. This result is $0.58 higher than the consensus estimate. Earnings for the quarter were $21.85 million, well above the average analyst estimate of $19.43 million. According to the respective figures, Saratoga Investment’s return on equity was 7.48% and net profit margin was 21.32%. This fiscal year is expected to bring him $2.58 per share in Saratoga Investments, according to forecasts by industry experts.
SAR shares opened at $25.49 on Friday, with the first day of trading on Friday. Saratoga Investment has an annual low of $20.16 and an annual high of $29.48. The company’s 200-day moving average is $23.97. The moving average over the last 50 days is $24.83. The debt equity ratio is calculated as 0.07, the quick ratio is calculated as 0.03 and the current ratio is also calculated as 0.03. Considering the company’s stats, which include a market cap of $303.33 million, a revenue-to-price ratio of 18.34, and a beta of 1.36, business is doing quite well.
Several institutional investors have been actively trading in SAR shares over the past few months. In his first three months of the year, Fairfield Bush & Co. spent about $27,000 to start a new position at Saratoga Investments. Lazard Asset Management LLC spent approximately $38,000 in the first three months of the year to acquire a new stake in Saratoga Investments. In the first three months of the year, Saratoga Investments, part of UBS Group AG, increased its holdings by 44.3%. In the most recent quarter, UBS Group AG increased its stake in the financial services provider by 1,783 shares, bringing the total number of shares to his 5,810 shares, valued at $158,000. This brings the total holdings to $158,000. Larson Financial Group LLC invested $176,000 in Saratoga Investment in the third quarter to purchase new shares in the company.
Finally, in the second quarter, Avantax Advisory Services Inc. increased its stake in Saratoga Investment by 5.6%. This certainly should not be considered the least important development. Avantax Advisory Services Inc.’s current stake in the financial services provider is valued at $8,852. During the most recent quarter, the company increased its holding by purchasing 469 more shares, increasing the value of his holding to $8,852. Hedge funds and other institutional investors hold these shares in a proportion equivalent to his 19.45% of the company’s shares.

The company also announced a quarterly dividend due to be paid on January 4th of this year. An investor who registers shares on December 15th is eligible to receive a dividend of $0.68 per share if the shares were registered before his December 15th. The payout date for the dividend should be December 14th, which he falls on Wednesday. From an annual perspective, this brings him a dividend yield of 10.67% and a payout amount of $2.72 for him. Currently, Saratoga Investments’ payout percentage is at its current level of 195.68%.

Several market analysts recently shared their views on stocks on their recommendations. The “outperform” rating that Raymond James previously assigned to Saratoga Investment has been lowered and his previous price target of $28.50 has been lowered to his $28.00. A research report published on Thursday, October 6 marked the first public disclosure of both of these changes. changed its rating on Saratoga Investments from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’ on November 24 and announced a research note issued on the same day. Hovde Group announced in a research note released Wednesday, Oct. 5 that it will lower its price target for Saratoga Investment shares to his $25.00. In a research note that was finally released on December 13, B. Riley revealed that the company plans to begin covering shares in Saratoga Investments. They suggested a BUY recommendation for the stock and decided that a target price of $27.50 was appropriate.

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