Supporting Texas, U.S. investment with conduit bond financing

As manufacturers look at investment opportunities in the United States, Texas offers access to a highly educated workforce, existing infrastructure to support manufacturing investments, access to global markets, and business opportunities. An attractive location with a worldwide reputation as the state of choice.

The Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) can support investment opportunities through conduit bond financing.

GCA has long offered bond financing options for industrial projects in Texas. Through the Gulf Coast Industrial Development Authority (GCIDA), GCA is now unique among Texas providers in its ability to offer nationwide bond conduit financing. This function was accomplished in the last Texas legislature with the passage of HB 2390, sponsored by Texas Congressman Dennis Paul and Senator Larry Taylor.

“GCA is proud to be the first entity in Texas to offer nationwide conduit bond financing,” explained Liz Fazio Hale, General Manager/CEO of GCA. “With investment and growth in the state, GCA has seen an increase in inquiries about leveraging Private Activity Bonds (PABs) to fund projects.”

Since the GCA’s inception in 1969, many industry partners have used government conduit bond services through the PAB to finance their projects. These projects include solid waste disposal, environmental remediation and pollution control.

GCA has the authority to issue tax-exempt bonds for both government municipal bonds and PABs. Projects that qualify for GCA-issued tax-exempt PABs range from water, sewage and solid waste disposal facilities, to rural steam or electricity supplies, dock and wharf facilities, and airports.

GCIDA can issue taxable bonds for many types of establishments that create jobs, such as:

  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • R&D facility
  • military facility
  • Transport facilities such as airports, hangars, rail ports, rail interchange facilities, maintenance and repair facilities, cargo facilities, related infrastructure on or adjacent to airport facilities, rail port facilities, sea ports, inland ports, mass commuter facilities and parking facilities
  • distribution center
  • A small warehouse facility that acts as a decentralized storage and distribution center
  • Vocational training facilities used by institutions of higher education
  • Regional or national headquarters
  • Streets and roads, railway spurs, water and sewerage systems, electrical and gas system drainage, site improvements and related improvements
  • Improving telecommunications and the Internet
  • Coastal restoration along the Gulf of Mexico
  • Projects to Create or Maintain Major Jobs for the Coast Guard
  • Projects suitable for use as career centers
  • Vocational training for enterprise development and expansion

Recent years have seen the development of non-traditional funding programs. GCIDA can also provide nationwide conduit financing services for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) projects. PACE is an innovative financial program for low-cost, long-term financing of water, energy efficiency and conservation improvements.

“The PACE program is not widely used in industrial facilities in Texas,” explains Fazio Hale. “However, given the continued interest in water conservation and reuse projects, especially in water-stressed areas of the state and energy efficiency projects, we are excited to make this program available.”

Eligible PACE projects must be permanently affixed to the property and have a proven ability to reduce water consumption or demand, or energy consumption or demand. To date, several commercial building water reuse and energy efficiency projects have taken advantage of the PACE program in Texas.

For more information, visit or call (281) 488-4115.

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