Tech Port SA taking on a new name and a major investment

San Antonio – The world of science and technology makes great strides every day, and some of those strides are happening right here in Alamo.

Boeing has announced a significant contribution in partnership with the Kerry Heritage Foundation.

The $2.3 million investment will support regional STEM programs and exhibits at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. Museum founder and CEO David Monroe said it was an important contribution.

“This is the largest and most expensive exhibit,” said Monroe.

SAMSAT’s Exhibition Area 21 is the facility’s newest museum. Monroe says it’s important in communicating science and technology concepts to the public and students, and hopes to bridge the gap between schools, employees, and technology customers.

Another important announcement was the center’s new name. It is now called Techport’s Boeing Center.

Jim Herschbach, President and CEO of Port San Antonio, adds that this is just the beginning and the future looks bright for San Antonio’s youth.

“Our profits will be used to fund educational activities. With the help of Boeing, we will bring 150,000 children to this building annually, and at least 1,500 children will return with excitement.” Our aim is to motivate and encourage them to participate in educational programs,” says Herschbach.

A student who hopes to one day major in software engineering says local investment in STEM programs is opening the door for future generations of innovators.

“I think it’s great what’s happening here just because they’ve been given a lot of new opportunities to do whatever they want here. I had moved to Texas when I first heard about it. I didn’t expect anything… I mean, progress like this is what you see in Silicon Valley, and it’s huge,” said South Sun High School student Kian Barrow. I’m here.

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