Tesla makes a massive investment in service in California

Tesla has invested heavily in California vehicle services and has significantly increased hiring as demand rises after price cuts.

After a brief hiring freeze in many departments, Tesla is hiring again, posting new job openings one after another in California today.

electric found that Tesla has posted 89 new vehicle service jobs in California.

Below are just a few of the nearly 100 new services Tesla has listed in California.

Some of the work also includes crash repair for Tesla, which is expanding with new crash centers in the US as automakers move away from third-party body repair shops.

Last year, Tesla announced it was working on a service in North America. We aim to have the majority of bookings for same day repairs. As mentioned earlier, this is much needed as Tesla’s customer fleet is growing at a much faster pace than his infrastructure.

I later learned that Tesla’s service problems were much bigger than expected. Automakers have reportedly gone so far as to send untrained employees from other departments to work on cars.

electric We also got details about Tesla’s plans to “revolutionize” vehicle services with larger service centers and more specialties.

Now, Tesla is hiring more services in California right after the big price drop, which has seen a huge surge in demand.

California is Tesla’s largest market in the United States, and much of the new demand is expected to come from the state.

In 2022, California will see a 60% increase in electric car sales, with Tesla leading the increase with over 72% market share in the state.

Over 200,000 Tesla vehicles were added to California’s roads last year. Tesla plans to add more vehicles in 2023. This will require investment in services to accommodate the growing number of vehicles.

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