‘The Best Investment You Can Make’

It’s January 1st. Year-end charity reached its limit in his campaign barrage. How many charities and Shurchim can you donate to? This is a practical way to help Shurchim all year round.full story, video

DollarDaily.org currently distributes $650 daily to Chabad Houses around the world. This is all due to her $1 donation of people.

A dollar may not seem like much, but the impact is immense. For example, at Kinus’ banquet he was attended by 6500 people. If 6500 people agreed to give him $1 a day, that would be $6500 for Chabad House in need of funds. Amazingly, with 650 people joining our cause, partnering with Shurchim is easy.

Additionally, Shultim who need a little extra boost or want to sponsor a pair of Tefillin can request funds from DollarDaily.

In Hakel’s actual theme, Jews from all over the world unite to spread the mission of Ahabas Israel. Anyone can join this world-changing mitzvah for just $1 a day. Our service is completely transparent. You can easily see which Chabad center your recipient is for that day, so you know exactly where your money is going.

“As Gemara says, ‘Whoever has 100 wants 200,'” R explains. Joseph Sidler, founder of the site. “I would like DollarDaily to provide shruchim amounts so that I can buy food and clothes and pay for the cleaning lady, as well as renovate my home, pay off my debts, and pay my heavy financial bills. I hope one day I can ease the burden.”

Start the calendar year at $1 a day. DollarDaily.org

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