The biggest private biotech investments in December 2022

Apogee Therapeutics, Pulmocide and Qitan Technology have won the largest biotech investment in December 2022. Across the globe, immunology and manufacturing players have attracted the largest funding rounds.

As we enter 2023, the last month of 2022 saw a number of biotech fundraising events. We have gathered the largest biotechnology investments directed to private companies worldwide and split them into sectors focused on healthcare and industrial biotechnology.

healthcare investment

The top US private biotech healthcare investment went to Apogee Therapeutics. The Paragon Therapeutics spinout raised $149 million in a Series B round that funded the development of therapeutics for a variety of privately held immunological and inflammatory diseases.

Alpha9 Theranostics, based in neighboring Canada to the United States, is an honorable mention. The company raised $75 million in a bid to develop a radiopharmaceutical treatment for cancer.

Europe’s top biotech healthcare investment round went to UK’s Pulmocide. The company’s $52 million Series C round will be used to fund the development of an inhaled drug to treat viral and fungal infections of the respiratory tract.

Chinese company MaxVax has invested $43 million in December 2022 to top the list of healthcare biotech investments in the Asia-Pacific region. The company, also known as MaxHealth, is developing a pipeline of prophylactic and designed therapeutic vaccines against infectious diseases such as shingles. It addresses conditions including rabies, hepatitis B, and more.

MaxVax’s latest funding comes after the company raised $74 million in a Series B round in July 2022. The latest closing will fund clinical trials in addition to establishing a vaccine production facility in Shanghai.

Other life science investments

Outside the medical field, many biotech companies have invested heavily in advancing technologies such as manufacturing, sequencing, and industrial biotechnology.

In this space, the largest U.S. investment round went to Sound Agriculture, which raised $75 million in Series B funding. Sound Agriculture develops a range of technologies to enhance agricultural yields, including biochemical foliar sprays and epigenetic plant breeding programs.

EnginZyme leads the European industrial biotechnology rankings in December 2022. His $22.3 million Series B round of this Swedish company will be used to fund the development of sustainable, cell-free methods for manufacturing industrial chemicals.

In a close second, UK company Basecamp Research raised $20 million to fund the development of chemistries, materials, food and medicines based on naturally occurring protein data.

The Asia-Pacific region’s number one was Chinese company Qitan Technology. The company raised his $100 million in a huge Series C round to fund the development and commercialization of nanopore-based DNA sequencers.

January highlights

January 2023 has already been a resounding success when it comes to funding private biotech companies. Several large funding rounds have been closed by synthetic biology manufacturer Asimov, gene medicine developer Metagenomi, and immunotherapy player Synsekine.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Biogen and its major pharmaceutical partner Eisai a landmark accelerated approval of the Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab. It’s the latest in a handful of drugs that can not only improve symptoms but also delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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