The investment targets a five-mile stretch from Capitol Heights to Largo


Prince George County has the largest $400 million in government bonds to boost the Blue Line Corridor project. This is a win for county commissioner Angela D. Alzbrooks, who will ensure redevelopment near FedEx’s field in Landover, even if Commander Washington leaves town.

Maryland Public Utilities Commission Approves Much-Awaited Investment upon Wednesday — The final step allowing the county to begin negotiating a deal and request proposals to redevelop the five-mile area from Capitol Heights to Largo.

Brooks also stressed the need for development Wednesday in testimony to a committee outlining what the project means for Prince George, saying it is uniquely positioned as an “economic engine” for the state and region. .

“The Blue Line Corridor is a major initiative in our vision for economic growth,” she said before the board. A youth sports field house, an amphitheater, a library and a cultural center are planned.

The project is fulfilling the county administrator’s promise to bring economic transformation to Prince Georgian. Prince Georgian has been waiting for development for decades and deserves the walk-, bike-accessible, well-equipped community found in neighboring counties, she said.

“We have to leave to visit these amazing places, but we are developing at home now,” Alsbrooks said in an interview.

Funding for this project was negotiated between state legislators and the state legislature last year. Government of the time Larry Hogan (R).his newly sworn Successor Democrat Wes Moore said Wednesday that the project would be an “economic game-changer” for the county and a “huge win” for the local and state.

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als brooks Other local leaders say the investment is a sign Prince George County residents won’t forget as Washington considers whether to abandon Landover in favor of D.C. or Virginia. said.

“What I want residents to know is that whether they stay or leave, they won’t be left behind,” he said, adding that the team’s commitment to play for Landover will end in 2027. Pointing out, Alsbrooks said. …I don’t want to be held hostage by the Commander. We have to develop the field and invest in it whether they stay or not. ”

Many residents in the county’s 6th Ward, where at least some development is slated, have expressed concern about the lack of restaurants and other amenities near their homes, the county council said in the area. said Walla Breguei (Democrat), representing the

“They have nice big homes and nice homes for their families, but they have nowhere to go,” she said. “You can’t say the same for places like Montgomery County.”

Building the Blue Line Corridor will address these concerns and help the county diversify its tax base, which is primarily residential, she said.

Wednesday’s approval will begin the state legislature’s assessment of infrastructure needs and requirements to ensure roads and communities can accommodate upcoming attractions while limiting stress on residents, Blegay said.

City Councilman Crystal Oliada (District D 7) said she’s excited to see the investment in a part of the county that has been overlooked, with developments slated for the district as well.

Oriadha intends to advocate on behalf of her school district to ensure she gets her “fair share of the pie” when it comes to which amenities go where.

Blegay said the county has an opportunity to change the perception that white residents are needed to attract large investments.

“It means a lot to people who study redlining and all the issues where people point to the lack of development in communities and where quality development emerges when different groups move,” she said. “Well, we are trying to show the opposite.

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