Things to consider before Crypto Investment.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum. People are getting excited about the entire cryptocurrency industry these days. The recent cryptocurrency crisis has somewhat hampered public investor confidence, but it is still emerging as a decent investment option. Novice investors are drawn to the possibility and end up losing a lot of money. To minimize your losses, you need to know the basics. That way, you can decide if cryptocurrency is a good investment.


Before investing, we recommend diversifying your portfolio for long-term returns. When investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to determine your risk tolerance, financial goals, and timeframes to determine how much to invest in your allotted portfolio.

read white paper

Good research is a must. A mere tip from a friend or a hoard from Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) can be harmful. Before investing in any asset, we highly recommend reading its white paper to understand its usefulness, use cases and future potential.

get to know the team

Understanding your team gives you better ideas because it ensures the reliability of your project.

technical details

After deciding to invest, you will need to choose from numerous available options such as exchanges, wallets, currencies and tokens. Will the investment be made through an ETF or an asset manager such as a mutual or hedge fund? Is this a direct token/coin purchase, or an indirect one such as a purchase of shares in a company involved in blockchain technology? Is it an investment?

After sorting out these details, I know how to invest, but here comes another problem. Should I invest or should I not?

There is a big difference between investing and trading. Your investment reasons and goals will determine where you go. The main difference is the time frame. Trading takes place over a shorter period of time and investments are generally made over a longer period. Both outputs can be very different, and the associated risks are also different. Trading offers similarly high risk and high reward, while investing minimizes risk and reward.

Investment transactions in Vvs

Investments are typically made with a goal in mind that the investor wants to achieve in five years, such as a house, college fees, or a car. Achieving desired results requires strategic planning.

Trading, on the other hand, is for shorter timeframes for short-term goals.Investors trade some amount of money on an hourly or daily basis and accrue profits and losses accordingly.

For long-term gains, we recommend entering the industry with an investment mindset. Also, the market is highly volatile and liquidity constraints play a big role. These constraints determine faster availability and transactions. And this liquidity is at the end of the exchange.

new asset

The industry offers a whole new range of assets to invest in. Each has its own quirks, which is why big companies like Ark Invest have dedicated Bitcoin investments.


We strongly recommend that you do not store all your eggs in one basket. The same is advised here, with the added benefit that crypto offers a positive diversifying effect against rising inflation around the world.

first mover advantage

The sector is relatively new compared to traditional financial products and has the ability to offer a wide range of investment options. Over time, the industry may mature and offer more options.

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