Why I’d ditch buy-to-let and follow Warren Buffett’s investment tips instead

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Buying and lending has long been a popular way to build wealth, but following billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s investment strategy may be a smarter move in 2023. Hmm.

Owning real estate offers a powerful combination of income and capital growth over the long term. But with rising interest rates and the UK government’s tax hike on landlords currently driving home prices down, the stock market could be a better alternative.

After all, by using a stock ISA, taxes are completely eliminated from the equation. And following the stock market correction in 2022, FTSE350 is now home to some great bargains.

Invest like Buffett in 2023

As an avid value investor, Buffett’s entire strategy revolves around buying and retaining quality companies at bargain valuations. This means dedicating ourselves to businesses that have a strong financial position and many competitive advantages.

Having a competitive edge over your competitors is especially important, as it often allows companies to gain market share and rise to industry-leading positions. Likewise, making sure your balance sheet is healthy ensures your business has sufficient resources to weather the economic storm.

In the current situation, investor sentiment is not necessarily high. And with so many individuals fleeing the market, many top UK stocks are trading well below their intrinsic value. Identifying these undersupported companies can lead to impressive long-term profits for patient investors.

nothing is risk free

Investing through an ISA may be more tax efficient than trading. But that won’t be a guaranteed way to build wealth.As many investors were suddenly reminded last year, stock prices don’t always go up. And even value stocks, which are often considered low-risk, can be bad investments.

Over the past few months, the stock market has started to recover, so it’s slowly trending upwards. However, with a recession looming in the UK and the cost of living still rising, further market turmoil may be on the horizon. As such, today’s undervalued stocks may be in danger of falling.

So diversification and pound cost averaging may be a wise idea. These investment strategies help mitigate some risks and protect against future volatility. But they don’t rule it out completely. And even diversified Buffett-style portfolios can still generate negative returns.


Investing in the stock market during periods of high volatility is not for everyone. But the greater the risk, the greater the potential return.

Throughout history, some of the best performances seen in British stocks have followed immediately after stock market crashes or corrections. These events are unforgettable, but they are actually very rare. As such, 2023 could be a golden opportunity to adopt Buffett’s investment tips and capitalize on cheap stock prices before it’s too late.

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