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Dear Editor,

WMCHealth announces new over $100 million HealthAlliance hospital in Kingston. I am very excited to see what this impressive new facility and significant investment will mean for the growth and stability of the region. This stunning space will help attract new businesses and residents, leading to further investment in Kingston and beyond.

Hospitals are the economic pillars of their communities. A recent study found that for every dollar the hospital spends, he adds $2.30 in business activity. According to the same report, New York State Hospitals support more than 11% of employment and regularly act as a multiplier of employment due to their enormous positive impact on the economy.

HealthAlliance Hospital is not new to Kingston and Ulster County, but the project demonstrates WMCHealth’s commitment to the community and vision of providing access to world-class healthcare here, and offers future growth opportunities. Helps strengthen.

The new and improved hospital represents a significant public-private investment of $113 million, with approximately $90 million for the project from the New York State Recapitalization Funding Program, with the remainder coming from WMCHealth. The approximately 80,000 square feet of new space will include a new emergency department, state-of-the-art technology, a new cardiac center and an obstetrics center.

Given the recent nationwide trend of hospital networks excluding services in underpopulated areas, it is especially important that WMCHealth and New York State recognize the value of continuing to invest in community health care. . The USDA Economic Research Service reports that areas like ours often have fewer medical services available compared to larger metropolitan areas, but this investment represents first-class patient care for Ulster County. It will attract talent.

This new hospital campus will provide a stable economic engine, allowing residents and businesses to enjoy this idyllic region and access world-class amenities and medical care not often found in predominantly rural communities. indicates

Congratulations to HealthAlliance Hospital for delivering on its promise and delivering another victory for Ulster County.

Ward Todd

The author is President of the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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