WWE sale rumors: Company sold to Saudi Arabia Investment Fund; reports

A whirlwind day of news surrounding WWE may have ended with a bombshell.

Steven Muhlhausen of DAZN Report late Tuesday night WWE was sold to the Saudi Public Investment Fund. The news comes just hours after Stephanie McMahon stepped down as co-CEO of the company and handed the full-time job over to Nick Kahn. In the hours that followed, speculation about the important impending news surrounding the company swept social media, capped off by Mühlhausen’s first report.

The news comes less than a week after The Wall Street Journal’s Lauren Thomas reported that WWE majority owner Vince McMahon is back to pursue a sale of the company. The longtime owner temporarily retired last July amid an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. In his absence, daughter Stephanie McMahon served as co-CEO of the company alongside Nick Kahn , his son-in-law Paul Levesque (Triple H) managed the creative direction of the company.

Reports that the Saudi Investment Fund was one of the potential bidders began to surface shortly after McMahon’s return. According to Mühlhausen, that still seems to be the case. For now, it’s unclear if a potential sale will push him back into a creative role within the company.

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